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2021-9-12 Osaka Sənaye Sərgisi 2021 başlayacaq

Vaxt: 2021-09-17 Oxunub: 55

Tanıdan sərgi

Manufacturing World Osaka is one of the largest and most influential industrial fairs in western Japan. Professionals from design, development, manufacturing, production engineering, procurement and quality control departments.
The last exhibition covered a total area of 27,000 square meters, with 498 exhibitors from China,  Russia, Germany, The United Kingdom, India, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and so on. The number of exhibitors reached 29322 people.
Manufacturing World Osaka is an important professional exhibition of mechanical parts, materials and assembly technology in Japan. Every year the number of exhibitors continues to grow, professional visitors stream in an endless stream, exhibitors and professional visitors to carry out detailed business negotiations, so as to achieve great harvest.

Eksponatlar çeşidi:
● Transmission technology exhibition: bearing, linear transmission device, ball screw, gear, transmission, reducer, clutch, belt, chain, etc
● Pipe assembly exhibition: industrial pipes and fittings, joints, valves
● Fluid dynamics development:Seals, packages, connectors, pipes and pumps for hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, pneumatic equipment and hydraulic equipment
● Large parts, thick processing exhibition: large parts/thick parts special metal/plastic processing technology

The pavilion information
Osaka International Convention center, Japan
1-5-102 Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-Ku Osaka, 559-0034 Japan