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Hidravlik fitinqlər nədir və hidravlik fitinqlərin funksiyası nədir

Vaxt: 2022-04-07 Oxunub: 4

Hidravlik boru armatur is a hydraulic system that connects different hydraulic components (pumps, transmission lines, reversing valves, globe valves, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and some auxiliary components, such as level gauges, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc.) to form a closed loop. It is an accessory that plays a connecting role.

Hidravlik armatur are widely used in our life. Let's first understand the definition, characteristics, types and application fields of hydraulic joints

Xüsusiyyətləri: hidravlik armatur can withstand high strength pressure, if the hydraulic oil pipe armatur has sand holes, small holes or too high pressure can not withstand such a large pressure and the impact force produced by blasting is quite large.

Hidravlik armatur are mainly divided into two categories: hose armatur, adapter pipe fittings

Each of these two major categories is divided into several subcategories:

1) Hose armatur are divided into integrated hose armatur, withholding hose uyğunluqs, internal lock hose armatur, detachable hose armatur və s.

2) Adapter pipe fittings, also known as transition armatur, it is divided into DIN card sleeve type, metric thread armatur, Inch thread armatur , US thread armatur , welding flange, mining armatur və s.

Application: Hidravlik armatur are widely used in military industry, energy, petrochemical, electric power, ships, automobiles, rail transit, construction machinery, mining, metallurgy, steel mills, ocean engineering and other industries in the hydraulic pipeline system.